Your Fairy Godmother is a company that strives to make dreams come true along with giving back to our community. All our characters are professional actors and singers. The costumes are the same level of professionalism you find at Disney parks. We want to help make all you and your families dreams come true! Book us today! 

We have loved working with various clientele including companies, City events, and private parties. 

Hogle Zoo

University Mall

My Gym

Saratoga Springs City

Draper City


Easter egg Hunts

Megaplex Theater

Nothing Bundt Cakes

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The Your Fairy Godmother LLC Characters are NOT the copyrighted, licensed or trademarked ones you may know or be familiar with. Our characters are representations of beloved classic fairytales. We have NO affiliation with any company or group that may own the rights to similar characters or stories and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.